Arkanout - A HTML5 casual game in version 0.1         

Arkanout - Homage to the games Breakout and Arkanoid

Just as in the great examples Arkanoid and Breakout, the aim of the game is to clear all the tiles in the upper board. To accomplish this, the player must bounce a ball with his paddle until the ball has knocked all colored stones out of their holders. Once all checkers have been cleared, one level counts as won and the next level begins.
Gameplay / Game Description
Game version 0.1 includes 3 different levels, each with 6 balls. If a ball is lost at the lower edge of the field, the player receives another ball until all the balls are used up. Once all balls have been used up, the game ends.
Contrary to his great role models, in Arkanout the pieces hit by the ball do not disappear, but fall down. Players also do not receive any points for hitting a stone. However, if a ball hits a falling stone, players receive twice the value of a stone's score, depending on the colour of the stone. If a player collects falling stones with his or her paddle, simple scores are credited to his or her point account - depending on the tile color.

Roadmap (strategy / project plan) for the game Arkanout

In addition to new game objects, game functions, bonus objects, PowerUps and a new gameplay, a graphical update is planned for later versions, which will be based on either the pre-Columbian Mayan or Aztec culture.

How to play Arkanout

In version 0.1 you can play with the mouse. For smartphone / tablet users, appropriate controls are displayed.

Arkanout game statistics

During the course of the development process, the game result achieved is entered in a corresponding database table in cumulative form.
This game page has been viewed (including search engine robots) 468 times. Out of 27 players, 5 have won the game and lost 22. To date, 135 yellow, 680 orange, 161 blue, 140 green and 249 magenta stones have been knocked out of their holders. 1334 pieces were removed from the ball or picked up by the players with their paddles. 175 balls were lost during the game. Of 27 players, 16 reached level 2 and 8 reached level 3.
The cumulative high score of all players is 590356 points.

Arcanout project progression

On 30.01.18 Arkanout version 0.1 was added to the Early Access Vault. Individual results are not yet archived in this version.
Known bugs
During the course of a game, it can happen in version 0.1 that a variable cannot be triggered when two overlapping pieces are hit by the ball or taken up by the player with the paddle. This can lead to the fact that the respective level can only be terminated after clearing all game pieces, if all balls have been lost.

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