Purpose and mission of the Early Access Vault

Purpose and mission of the Early Access Vault

«Early Access Vault» contains prototypes and conceptual studies of games, which - depending on the milestone reached - represent different phases of a game project (analysis, development, game design, gameplay, alpha or beta tests). In parts, they also only reflect the implementation of a special game mechanics or basic idea in order to analyse different components (proof of concept) or the gameflow of a game. If suitable, these will then be transferred to other ongoing game projects.

About the release date of game projects

Not all of the game projects listed here have been created with the aim of being published as a finished final product. An exception to this rule are the available flashgames, which are currently undergoing major updates. In principle, however, there is the possibility for each project during development that it will be finalized and published on Retro-Arcade-Games.de or distribution platforms such as Steam, Google Play, Windows Store and others as a cross platform game or standalone version.

Notes on the contents of a game project

Further relevant background information such as updates, new game mechanics, Achievements /Trophies, alignment and more are listed on the respective project page of a game.

Games: Froginator

Games: Froginator


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