About the retro banner games of the Early Access Vault

Do you like to do quests in games? Then the banner games of Retro-Arcade-Games could be something for you.
The retro banner games featured at random positions on the homepage offer both visitors and community members quests that can be fulfilled in various games.
Retro banner games for community members include more advanced quest series, whose complexity grows as the story continues to grow until it ends in a grand epic finale.
The duration of the game is one to five minutes, as usual for banner games, depending on the type of game, retro banner game and quest series. The following banner games of the Retro-Arcade-Games project are already available. More are in planning.

BAMBUZZA - Diamond Raider

BAMBUZZA - Raider of lost diamonds.

Bambuzza was able to leave the diamond field 5 times and was chased away 11 times by wasps. His prey so far is 166 diamonds, 25 gold coins, 18 treasure chests, 17 fruits and 7 keys.
His current balance: 30381 Coins.

Froggit Labyrinthus

Ultimate Froggit Collectors Editon: Labyrinthus (The Frog Maze). Enter the frog maze to make rich prey. But beware of the bodyguards of the nasty spider Brunhilda.

Froggit escaped from the labyrinth 8 times and was spun 8 times by Brunhilda’s bodyguards. His loot so far is 66 gold pieces, 20 treasure chests, 12 keys, 50 fruits and 118 diamonds.
His current balance: 36109 coins.

Chippy’s Weekends

Chippys Big Apple Challenge - Collect apples to help Chippy survive the weekend.

Chippy’s had 24 carefree weekends so far. However, on 39 weekends he had to starve. A total of 357 red and 321 green apples were collected.

Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor - Free the virgin daughter of Count Eisenhardt.

Knight Arturius liberated Count Eisenhardt’s daughter 21 times and failed 19 times miserably and complaining.

Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunter - Conquer hidden treasure chambers of a dungeon.

Arturius successfully plundered 14 treasure chambers. Unfortunately, 25 treasure hunters are considered lost in the dungeon forever.

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