Knights of Honor – A HTML5 bannergame

Bannergames: Knights of HonorIn the HTML5 bannergame „Knights of Honor“, Knight „Arturius“ receives the order from Count Eisenhardt to free his daughter, kidnapped by the hunters of the dark prince. Knight „Arturius“ does not hesitate for a long time and starts looking for the Count’s daughter to gain fame and honor.

Desktop-, and laptop users can use the [SPACE] key to swing Arturius’s sword and move it across the board with the arrow keys. Appropriate buttons are displayed for smartphones and tablet users.



Treasure Hunters HTML5-Bannergame

HTML5 Bannergame Treasure HuntersIn the HTML5 version of the game „Treasure Hunters“, it is the player’s task to support a small knight named Arturius in the fight against the armies of the Dark Prince and his search for wealth and fame.

According to rumours, deep in the gloomy Grimmwald, the entrance to a mysterious dungeon of the dark prince is said to be hidden, whose treasure chambers should be filled with precious jewellery and gold. Many fearless knights had already started to search, but only a few returned to Dornheim. According to their stories, the treasure chambers are supposedly guarded by skeleton warriors who mercilessly fight each careless knight to lead him into the army of the Dark Prince.



Treasure Hunters HTML5-Bannergame

HTML5 Bannergame Treasure HuntersIn der HTML5-Variante des Spiels „Treasure Hunters“ ist es die Aufgabe des Spielers, einem kleinen Ritter Namens Arturius im Kampf gegen die Heerscharen des dunklen Fürsten und seiner Suche nach Reichtum und Ruhm zu unterstützen.

Gerüchten zufolge soll sich tief im düsteren Grimmwald der Eingang zu einem geheimnisvollen Dungeon des dunklen Fürsten verbergen, dessen Schatzkammern randvoll mit edlem Geschmeide und Gold gefüllt sein sollen. Viele furchtlose Ritter machten sich bereits auf die Suche, aber nur wenige kehrten je nach Dornheim zurück. Ihren Erzählungen zufolge werden die Schatzkammern angeblich von Skelettkriegern bewacht, welche jeden unvorsichtigen Ritter erbarmungslos bekämpfen um ihn der Armee des dunklen Fürsten zuzuführen.



About the HTML5 bannergames on Retro-Arcade-Games

One of the first milestones for banner games was reached with the HTML5 game „Treasure Hunters“. Obstacles such as responsive iFrames, database connection or integration into the framework have been solved in the meantime. When testing the game, however, I noticed for the first time that Firefox and Edge browsers scroll down when using the space bar in HTML5 games. Google’s Chrome Browser, on the other hand, behaved as expected. Although it was easy to change the keyboard query for desktop users to the CTRL key, I usually prefer to use the space bar for such purposes.
You never finish learning.

Update 06.02.18
According to research, I was not the only one confronted with this challenge. However, the solution is very simple and requires JavaScript.
The following small script ensures that arrow keys and space bar for HTML5 games are interpreted correctly.

window.addEventListener(„keydown“, function(e) {
if([32, 37, 38, 39, 40].indexOf(e.keyCode) > -1) {
}, false);


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