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Liability notice

Liability for the content of software products distributed on and for damages resulting from incorrect information or from faulty software products is excluded. Unless such damages would have been caused by the author intentionally or grossly negligently. Liability claims that could arise from the use of the author's Internet offer are excluded, unless intentional or grossly negligent. Furthermore, the author (operator) of this website reserves the right to make changes or additions to the information and games provided at any time.


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If you are of the opinion that contents on the author's Internet offers impair your rights in any way, you refrain from a premature warning and instead establish contact with the author under the above-mentioned hyperlink or address. Basically, it is not in the author's interest to violate your rights with the provided games and information.


Youth protection officer

§ 7 Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrages (Germany (JMStV)) states that:
Anyone who makes online services available for commercial use must appoint a youth protection officer if they contain content that endangers young people.
The contents made available on this website are free of content that threatens young people!

Please contact the author directly for further information: jugendschutzretro-arcade-games·de.

At the Voluntary Self-monitoring Multimedia Service Provider you can find out more information about the current German legal situation.


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If you do not agree with the following notices, do not play the games available on Retro-Arcade-Games. com, do not use the Games Blog or create a player profile. I would like to point out to you (cf. § 13 Abs. 1 TMG) that the following data could be automatically stored when you visit this website: host name of the accessing computer, operating system used, browser type/version, referrer URL, search query and time of the server inquiry.
This data has no personal reference, as it does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about you. The author of this website uses this data to gain insights into the use of this website in order to arrive at statistical results. The resulting knowledge is used to optimize the technical and editorial aspects of this website, the blog, player profiles and games.
Players can post comments and reports on events that are also publicly available. With regard to "personal data", I have to inform you about the following aspects: The data contained in comments and reports are stored for publication purposes. Information related to the transmission (user name, e-mail address, subject, time of posting, IP address, profile information, if voluntarily deposited or similar) is also stored. E-mail and IP addresses are generally not published. The data will not be used for any other purpose.
Before players can use existing game features (achievements, trophies) and player profiles or leave comments in the games blog, a nickname (pseudonym) and an e-mail address must be provided. This e-mail address is required in order to be able to contact you, if necessary, or for the author to be contacted for a user comment and to clarify the matter. Any other use of specified users' e-mail addresses, their publication or disclosure to third parties is excluded.


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