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The mysterious world of «Old School Games»

The greatest achievements of this mysterious world (exemplary only Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Centipede, Frogger, Gauntlet, Mario, Defender and Moon Patrol are listed here) still resonate with our time and have become collective memories.
But what was the magic of these classic games at that time and what was their recipe for success? I think these arcade classics all had one thing in common. They presented - and continue to do so today - the players with challenges and rewarded them with maximum fun and success.
In this sense I would like to invite you to travel with me on Retro-Arcade-Games.de to this mysterious world of the «Old School Games». Explore foreign worlds with me, discover secrets, solve puzzles, find ways into secret bonus levels and get infected with collecting fever and fun. Test your skills and stamina in the fight against dark powers from the depths of darkness or aliens from the vastness of the universe. Overcome multiple dangers when you save frogs, become a diamond picker, travel through time, explore graves, defeat frog kings, bewitch witches, save Christmas and more.
The game mechanics, animations, graphics, sounds and music reminiscent of the 80s and 90s await you. The Old School Games are refined by a fluffy gameplay (game mechanics), achievements, challenges and lots of fun.

Witchdance Leaderboard

The 10 best players from the
Witchdance rankings.
   Oma   160673
   Nobody   156440
   Waechter   151479
   Waggerinator   146087
   Matz   137931
   Menkestp   132604
   Jaja   131840
   Manuel   129470
   Stephanie   126471
   Warfrog   123253

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About the «Retro-Arcade-Games Project»

Since the interdisciplinary conception and production of a game, in addition to game idea, game fun, game design and game mechanics (gameplay), character design, sound, music, the graphic appearance and the type of story telling, are decisive for the success or failure of a game project, this project is realised on the basis of various prototypes in order to incorporate the knowledge gained into new game productions with a recursive approach.
Ultimately, only the game idea, the characters, game design and game mechanics (gameplay), a uniform style and - probably the most important point - the fun of the individual titles are the deciding factors. In their entirety, they decide on the success or failure of a gaming project. All this can be aimed at by a game designer, but it can only be decided by the target group (i. e. the players). And it is precisely here that I, for my part, am continuously improved and empirically processed internally - also taking into account player feedback - in order to enhance existing games accordingly and to be able to incorporate the knowledge gained into new game productions.
In this sense, I would like to invite you to travel with me to the world of «Old School Games» for free. A world where simple game mechanics, animations, graphics, sounds and music as well as a fluffy gameplay and game design await you for maximum fun. In addition to desktop games, you will soon also find HTML5 games that can be played directly in the browser and on smartphones or tablets.

Bannergame Quests

The bannergames featured on Retro-Arcade-Games.de appear in random positions and allow members and visitors to complete quests in various games.

Members can fulfill given goals of a game to follow the story. This will take them to advanced games with new objectives and more complex quests.

The playing time is - as usual for banner games - depending on the type of game, a few seconds up to one or two minutes.
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Early Access Vault

Games included in the «Early Access Vault» may be in an early alpha, beta or update phase. Some prototypes of these games do not yet have elaborate Game Design and GamePlay elements. Furthermore, different levels, final graphics, achievements, lyrics, sounds or music may be missing.
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Bug Hunter

During the development phase of a game, you can also participate as a «Bug Hunter» to enhance your reputation. Bug hunters can report bugs, bring in their own ideas, make translations or point out how they think a game could be improved.
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Project components

  • Browser-, Desktop-, HTML5- Games
  • Player profiles
  • Unique nicknames
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements / Trophies
  • Bannergames
  • Game-relevant insert coin functions (no micro-transactions)
  • Conquests, Contests & Battle Royal game elements
  • Cross Platform Games
  • Chatsystem

Bannergames: Treasure Hunters     

Early Access Vault Games

Old School Games

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